ALCAP Alert Dated 2/6/2017

Sen. Tom Whatley (R-Auburn) has pre-filed Senate Bill 28 (SB28).  This bill will legalize online gambling in the form of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS).

Contrary to the arguments from the big DFS companies, this is Class III gambling, which may open the door for full-fledged casino gambling in Alabama.

Unlike regular fantasy sports, played by friends and family for the length of an entire season, DFS is played online around the world and an individual can lose thousands of dollars in one day!  (For the facts on DFS, visit the  Stop Predatory Gambling website or click here.)

Call Sen. Whatley today and urge him not to push this bill.  Also, contact your Senator and House Member and ask them to oppose ALL pro-gambling bills, INCLUDING the Daily Fantasy Sports bill(s).