Who We Are

ALCAP is an interdenominational ministry that, working together with the churches of Alabama, serves as “Alabama’s moral advocates.” We are a resource for churches, organizations and interested individuals who desire to make Alabama a safer state for every citizen. An ethical, moral and responsible lifestyle based on biblical standards is an attainable goal that will benefit the entire state.

We are especially dedicated to protecting our children from the dangers associated with immoral behaviors and the temptations they face in life. We strive, through legislation, consultation and the American Character Builders educational programs, to provide young people, parents, and churches with the resources they need in order to make wise decisions in life.

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ALCAP’s Beginnings

In June 1937 a group of concerned leaders from among Baptists, Methodists and Presbyterians came together to discuss and organize an interdenominational temperance program. The group met at the First United Methodist Church in Birmingham and organized the Alabama Temperance Alliance (ATA) with Rev. Earl Hotalen, a Methodist minister, as the first Executive Director. Hotalen served from 1937 to 1946 followed by James Swedenburg (1946-1967); Elmer Nielson (1967-1970); John L. Smith (1970-1978); D. L. Dan Ireland (1978-2008); and since June 1, 2008, the Executive Director has been Joe Godfrey.

Along the way the Alabama Temperance Alliance had a name change to the Alabama Council on Alcohol Problems. Later the name was changed to the Alabama Citizens Action Program. This name is more descriptive of the ever-enlarging moral and social concerns that claim the churches’ attention.  In 2010, ALCAP’s Board of Directors divided the organization into two separate entities.  ALCAP became a 501c4 organization, established to lobby the Alabama Legislature on behalf of the faith community, and American Character Builders, the new name for the 501c3 organization, continues to provide evidence-based educational programs to public and private schools and churches, as well as supporting Bible studies for use in churches.

ALCAP is the catalyst around which all church denominations can unite in a consolidated effort to address moral concerns (i.e., alcohol, tobacco and other drug issues; gambling; pornography and other promiscuous behavior; and addressing the sanctity of human life).

A Board of Directors representing eight denominations governs ALCAP. The organization operates through the generous financial support from denominations, churches, concerned individuals, company gifts and community oriented organizations.

ALCAP’s Purpose

ALCAP serves as a resource for churches, organizations and interested individuals working to make Alabama a safer state for each and every citizen. An ethical, moral and responsible lifestyle based on biblical standards is an attainable goal to benefit the entire state.

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In addition to working alongside the churches of Alabama there are other groups ALCAP works with and through: American Council on Alcohol Problems (ACAP), Stop Predatory Gambling (SPG), Alcohol Justice, the Coalition for a Tobacco Free Alabama, Pro-Life interests, anti-pornography interests, and special groups formed to stand for historic church positions such as the defeat of the lottery.

How You Can Help!

Pray for ALCAP’s ministry and staff. Make a donation. ALCAP is a 501C4 nonprofit organization. Contributions are not tax deductible.  Encourage your church to support ALCAP financially. Encourage local schools to use the American Character Builders drug and character education program kits.

“Remembering without ceasing your work of faith, and labor of love, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ…” 1 Thessalonians 1:3

ALCAP’s Programs

ALCAP seeks to accomplish its goal through three effective programs:

1. ALCAP supports American Character Builders in the prevention of drug abuse and addiction through education. Hundreds of schools and thousands of students benefit from these evidence-based programs each year.  These educational programs include resources dealing with the dangers of drug use, suicide prevention, anger management, conflict resolution, violence prevention, prom-prep and the dangers associated with driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. To learn more about American Character Builders programs visit the website at alcapedu.com

2. Assisting local communities with issues such as wet/dry elections, gambling expansion, and resource materials on moral issues upon request.  We also provide resource materials to students and we make speakers available for churches, civic clubs, community gatherings, youth meetings and camps.

3. Legislatively ALCAP monitors legislation on moral issues, informs legislators of the social and moral implications of such legislation and sponsors a weekly Prayer Breakfast during the regular annual legislative session.