Weekly Legislative News Update

*Update* A Gambling Vote

Falls 1 Short in Senate

*Status: On Tuesday (April 30th), the gambling Conference Committee produced two bills (HB151 & HB152). Shortly afterwards, the House easily passed those bills. Later on that same night, the Senate voted and the bills failed by 1 vote (20 “Yes” votes to 15 “No” votes; 21 was needed to pass). The Senate could vote again on the legislation before the end of the Legislative Session. For more information, listen to ALCAP President Greg Davis here.*

Please contact (or re-contact) your Senators and encourage them to vote NO to legitimizing the gambling industry.

*Update* Protecting Children

by Holding Clergy Accountable

*Status: Gov. Ivey has a bill signing this Wednesday to make this law*

House Bill 125 would make it unlawful for clergy in a position of trust or authority over a person to commit certain sex acts with an individual under 19 years of age, or a protected person under 22 years of age. Currently, the age of consent is 16. This also brings the law for clergy equal to the law for public and private school teachers. We are thankful to Representative Leigh Hulsey and Senator Rodger Smitherman for sponsoring the bill and Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter for his leadership on this issue.

*Update* Anti-Porn Bill in the Senate

*Status: This bill passed the House and its Senate committee; it awaits a vote on the Senate floor*

State Representative Chris Sells has sponsored a bill (HB167) that would require phone manufacturers, as the default setting, to have a pornography filter turned on when activating a phone if the user is a minor. The filter can be turned off by the user, but they will need to consciously do so with a password.

*Update* Pro-Life Legislation:

The Pregnancy Resource Act

*Status: This bill passed the House and now awaits a Senate committee vote*

Sponsored by State Rep. Jamie Kiel, the Pregnancy Resource Act (HB356) has been filed once again in this year’s Legislative Session. This bill would provide a state income tax credit to individuals and businesses that make contributions to eligible charitable organizations that operate as a pregnancy center or residential maternity facility. In short, this Act would spur financial support for the dozens of Pregnancy Resource Centers all across Alabama. Abortion is illegal in Alabama; these often underfunded and understaffed centers are tasked with providing both free and low-cost medical, educational, and support services to more women and men than ever before facing an unplanned pregnancy or sexual health concern. These services often include free pregnancy and STD testing and ultrasounds. These centers help to educate women who think that their only option is an abortion. This Act would provide tax credits of up to 10 million dollars for the next five years. Please encourage your legislator to support the Pregnancy Resource Act. This is pro-life legislation.

*Update* Sexual Risk Avoidance

in Sex Education

*Status: This bill passed the House and its Senate committee; it awaits a vote on the Senate floor*

State Rep. Susan DuBose has sponsored a bill (HB195) that would help improve our sex education in the state of Alabama. Currently, curricula or programs on the topic must emphasize that abstinence is the only effective protection against unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. In addition, “This [new] bill would require that any sex education or human reproductive curriculum or program in a public K-12 school to exclusively teach sexual risk avoidance and encourage the avoidance of any nonmarital sexual activity.

“This bill would further provide for the sex education and human reproductive curriculum or program in public K-12 schools, including the provision of information about state laws relating to the financial cost of pregnancy and child care, abortion, and adoption” (HB195).

The bill also prohibits the use of organizations that teach values that are contrary to what has been outlined above.

The ALCAP Prayer Breakfast

on the National Day of Prayer

This past Thursday (May 2nd) was the National Day of Prayer. Greg Davis delivered the devotional that morning for the ALCAP Prayer Breakfast. To hear more, click here.