Week 7 Alabama Legislative Session 2022


HB119, sponsored by Rep. Gil Isbell, allows alcohol to be sold at a drive-through window. The original bill, which passed the House, only allowed beer and wine to be sold that way. However, Sen. Steve Livingston added an amendment in the Senate Economic Development and Tourism Committee that will allow “spirits” (hard liquor) to be sold at a drive-through window, as well. After talking with the legal council for the Alcohol Beverage Control Board, I was told that regulations for this method of purchase of alcohol will be very difficult to enforce. He shared some of the problems associated with drive-through alcohol sales in other states with me.

HB176, sponsored by Rep. Kyle South, will allow 18-year-olds to serve alcoholic beverages in a restaurant but restrict them from working in the bar area or mixing drinks. This is down from the current age limit of 19 and is a result of fewer people in the workforce. ALCAP spoke against the bill in a public hearing on Wednesday because we believe that this will have a negative impact on our culture and may open the door for alcohol to become more accessible to 18-year-olds and their friends. The bill passed out of the House Economic Development & Tourism Committee and now goes to the full House for a vote.

ACTION TO TAKE: Contact your Alabama State Senator and ask him/her to vote NO on HB119. Contact your House Member and ask him/her to vote NO on HB176. In order to contact your legislators, click on the link to navigate to the ALCAP website. At the ALCAP website click on the “find my legislator” button and enter your full street address. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find your Alabama State Legislator.


Another week has passed without Sen. Greg Albritton introducing a comprehensive gambling bill, but there is still time in this session for him to do so. We are half way through the 2022 Legislative Session, so this tells me he may not have the votes for it to pass. Sen. Albritton is also chairing the committee that prepares the General Fund Budget, which the Senate passed on Thursday of this week. With the bulk of that committee’s work done, Sen. Albritton may have more time to devote to getting his gambling bill ready to introduce, so “stay tuned!”

ACTION TO TAKE: Contact your Alabama State Senator and ask him/her to OPPOSE any gambling bills that may be introduced.


SB184, sponsored by Sen. Shay Shelnutt, and HB266, sponsored by Rep. Wes Allen, are written to protect children from parents who may use hormone blockers and/or surgery to alter their child’s sexual appearance. The House Judiciary Committee held a public hearing on HB266 but will vote next Wednesday on whether or not to advance the bill to the full House for debate. The good news is that the full Senate passed SB184, and it will now go to the House and be assigned to a committee. It is likely the House will substitute the Senate version for its own.

ACTION TO TAKE: Contact your Alabama House Member and ask him/her to vote YES on SB184 and/or HB266.


HB322, sponsored by Rep. Scott Stadthagen, requires public K-12 schools to designate use of rooms on the basis of biological sex in which students may be in various stages of undress. The bill passed the House and now goes to the Senate.

HB261, sponsored by Rep. Andrew Sorrell, bans chemical abortions in Alabama. The bill passed out of the House Judiciary Committee and will now go to the full House for a vote.

Continue to pray for Greg Davis, Joe Godfrey, and Eric Johnston as we walk the halls of the Alabama Legislature and advocate for a biblical perspective on the moral issues facing our state. Pray, too, for the legislators and staff that work at the State House and their families.