The Healthcare Visitation Rights Bill (SB113) Is Signed!

ALCAP was proud to be included in the bill signing (first picture) for hospital visitation rights for families and clergy and the press conference (second picture). The bill was sponsored by Sen. Garlan Gudger, with ALCAP President Greg Davis having a hand in ensuring the inclusion of clergy in the bill. Now, the bill is law.

The following is a quote from Governor Kay Ivey on the passing of the bill:

“The ability to visit a cherished loved one, whether in a hospital or nursing home, should be a fundamental right. However, all over the country during the pandemic, many family members, caregivers and even clergy were denied access to visit and provide emotional support to patients in healthcare facilities. Such restrictions defy the norms of a caring society, and I was pleased to sign this legislation to signal that in Alabama, we support our patients having this fundamental right.”