Breaking the Silence: A Conversation with Melissa Ohden on Surviving Abortion

In a riveting episode of Priority Talk, host Greg Davis engaged in a powerful conversation with Melissa Ohden, author of the book Abortion Survivors Break Their Silence. Melissa’s story began 46 years ago when her birth mother was forced into an abortion. However, it wasn’t until the age of 14 that Melissa discovered she was a survivor of a saline abortion, an experience that profoundly shaped her life.

They discussed the broader theme of breaking the silence surrounding abortion survivors. Melissa emphasized the importance of bringing attention to the reality that babies survive abortions more frequently than we might want to acknowledge. Living in a culture often unsupportive of such survivors, Melissa stressed the need to provide a voice to those who have been silenced, sharing her vision of changing hearts, minds, and ultimately, the culture itself.

Surviving Abortion

Greg Davis prompted Melissa to revisit her own story for listeners unfamiliar with her journey. Born after a saline abortion, Melissa’s survival came to light through a set of circumstances with her sister when she was 14. The revelation of her unique circumstances, paired with the challenges of forgiveness and understanding, led Melissa on a journey to break her own silence and empower others to do the same.

“[T]he vision for this book came out of my own experiences. The reality is babies survive abortion. We survived abortions before Roe vs. Wade was passed, babies like me survived during the time Roe versus Wade, and babies like me survive abortion still today. And the hard part is we live in a culture that isn’t very supportive of people like me,” Melissa said.

As the discussion unfolded, Melissa highlighted some of the survivor stories, underlining the uniqueness of each experience. Her book not only shares her personal journey but also includes the narratives of ten other abortion survivors. Melissa expressed her hope that by sharing these stories, she can humanize the conversation around abortion, encouraging individuals on both sides to recognize the shared humanity of those involved—babies, mothers, fathers, and families.

The conversation turned towards legislative issues, particularly in light of Alabama having the nation’s strongest Pro-Life laws. Melissa addressed the surreal and dehumanizing nature of living in a culture where some states propose legislation that would not require medical care for babies who survive abortions. She emphasized the impact on survivors like herself, as well as the chilling effect on the broader discourse surrounding abortion.

“One of the many goals of my book is to put a face and a name to those who are nameless, faceless, and voiceless to a lot of people and for people to understand this is not a political issue. This is a moral issue. This is a human rights issue,” she said.

Melissa Ohden’s story serves as a powerful testament to the grace of God and the need to break the silence surrounding abortion survivors. Her book promises not only to share gripping personal narratives but also to contribute to a more compassionate and informed dialogue on Pro-Life issues in our country.

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