State Rep. Susan DuBose and the “What Is a Woman” Bill

On Wednesday, June 19th, State Representative Susan DuBose joined ALCAP President Greg Davis on Priority Talk to discuss several topics, from Rep. DuBose’s motivation for entering the political arena to her reasons for voting “no” on gambling in the 2024 Legislative Session. They eventually moved to covering Title IX, protecting women, and preserving women’s spaces.

During the Session, Rep. DuBose filed the “What Is a Woman” Bill, which would have biologically defined “male” and “female” in Alabama state law. This would have meant that biological men––and those who claim to be “trans women”––would not be able to enter women’s spaces, from sports leagues to locker rooms.

“If you can’t define what a woman is, then you can’t protect the rights that females deserve,” she said.

However, due to gambling and the massive amount of time it took away from other important issues, the bill did not make it to the Senate floor for a vote on the final day of the Session to become law (assuming Gov. Ivey’s signature).

Rep. DuBose said she was going to “bring [the bill] back next year” and was going to “file it early.” She identified some potential strategy alterations for handling cultural opposition in the future:

“I think I was maybe too nice last year. I am not going to be that nice this year when I come forward with this legislation. I will be tougher… Don’t make me call you by a pronoun that I know is incorrect… I don’t want people in the state of Alabama to be forced to tell a lie,” DuBose said.

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