State Rep. Jamie Kiel on the Finals Days of the 2024 Legislative Session

On Wednesday (May 1st), ALCAP President Greg Davis was joined by State Representative Jamie Kiel (Russellville) to discuss several priority pieces of legislation in the final days of the 2024 Alabama Legislative Session.

They covered the chaotic events in the Senate related to voting on the gambling legislation put forward by the Conference Committee (HB151 & HB152). Summarizing the dramatic episode broadly: On Tuesday night (April 30th), the House passed the bills but the Senate did not. However, the Senate may still vote again on the bills at a later date if it so chooses.

They then moved towards Kiel’s specific pieces of legislation and their current status, such as the Pregnancy Resource Act (passed the House and is now in the Senate) and a parents’ rights bill (passed the House and its Senate committee, awaits a Senate vote).

For more information about these bills, listen to the entire conversation here.