State Auditor Andrew Sorrell on the 2024 Alabama Legislative Session

On Tuesday (May 14th), State Auditor Andrew Sorrell joined Priority Talk to discuss the 2024 Alabama Legislative Session with ALCAP President Greg Davis. They talked about a few of the highlights of the Session for Sorrell, such as the passing of a school choice bill and the “Divisive Concepts” Bill. Also, he celebrated the fact that gambling was not expanded in this Session, even if it came down to a single vote in the Senate.

“It really highlights the importance of these legislators’ positions. When I was in the State House, my very first year, there was a Representative that brought a gambling bill to the floor and it failed by a single vote… Here we are five years later, gambling once again failed by a single vote,” Sorrell said.

Greg Davis and Andrew Sorrell discussed the massive influence of the gambling industry in the political arena, and why that is yet another reason to stop the expansion of gambling in Alabama. They mentioned that, when gambling enters a state, special interests can quickly “own” politicians due to the financial pressure they can exert on campaigns and other matters.

They moved on to discuss other issues related to the Legislative Session, and then talked about the state of the Boy Scouts (now: Scouting America). To hear the whole conversation, click here.