S.O.S. Wes Allen on Illegal Aliens Voting

Monday evening, Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen called into ALCAP President Greg Davis’ radio show Priority Talk to discuss legal and illegal forms of voting in the state. Allen briefly discussed the importance of protecting the process and results of absentee voting, while also clearly stating the illegality of ballot harvesting.

Wes Allen then shared the major news that he had uncovered potential proof that the Biden Administration has been registering illegal aliens to vote. It started when he learned that an Alabama resident’s deceased relative, who had been dead for two years, received a voter registration form in the mail. This raised concerns, and caused Allen to investigate. He explained on the show that the National Voter Registration Act (N.V.R.A.) of 1993 mandated that certain agencies, funded by the federal government, send out voter registration forms. In his investigation, he found that anyone who comes into contact with these agencies, whether they are accepted into or declined from any programs offered, still will receive a voter registration form. This includes U.S. citizens, legal non-citizens, and illegal aliens.

“I just find [this] unbelievable. These individuals that are non-citizens who can’t register to vote by law receive voter registration forms. The federal government––in my mind––does not need to be making it easy or allowing these illegal aliens or legal non-citizens to even register to vote, much less vote,” Allen said.

He continued the conversation by offering solutions to this problem, starting with electing President Trump and enacting stricter measures to ensure the validity of the voting process.

To listen to their entire conversation, click here.