Restoring the 10 Commandments in AL’s Government Buildings

ALCAP President Greg Davis recently talked with Attorney Dean Johnson on Priority Talk about his efforts to restore the 10 Commandments in Alabama’s government buildings. Johnson explained that with the recent overturning of the 50-year-old Lemon test––which had also been used against crosses, nativity scenes, and other Christian imagery in the public square––the courts will return to using historical practices and understandings of the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment to adjudicate these types of religious liberty cases. Now, Christian imagery is allowed back in government buildings.

“We now have the legal right to do it, and I think we need to do it to restore the moral foundation of our country. As most people know, the 10 Commandments are the foundation and the bedrock of civilized society. Not only here in America, but in Western civilization,” Dean Johnson said.

Johnson pointed listeners to his website Restore the Commandments, where they can scroll down and sign a petition in support of putting the 10 Commandments in government buildings. Here is the exact petition wording from the website:

“We the people of Alabama and these United States petition the Alabama Governor, Lt. Governor, Senate Pro Tem, Speaker of the House, and the Justices of the Alabama Supreme Court, to display the Ten Commandments in prominent places inside the buildings of the three branches of government: the Capitol Building, State House and Alabama Judicial Buildings.”

To listen to their entire conversation, click here.