Rep. Ed Oliver on the Divisive Concepts Bill

On Friday, April 14th, State Representative Ed Oliver (Dadeville) joined ALCAP President and CEO Greg Davis on Priority Talk Radio to discuss the Divisive Concepts Bill (HB7) he has introduced in the Alabama House. Although the term itself is not in the bill, HB7 is often referred to as the “CRT Bill” (Critical Race Theory).

“CRT has an activist component. We don’t really get too bent out of shape over the theory of Critical Race Theory itself; it’s the fact they use it like an axe to divide kids or adults or different groups based on race, religion, and sex,” Oliver said.

Rep. Ed Oliver tells the story of how he became interested in this topic through parents in his district informing him of some of the CRT-related activities that go on at the university level in Alabama. The more he looked into the issue, the stronger his resolve grew to take action.

“As a member of the legislature, I have to protect folks and their rights to go to compulsory education. Not only do my constituents pay for public education, we make them send their kids there. That’s a place where the legislature has oversight and it’s where we should intervene when it’s required,” Oliver said.

Listen to the whole conversation here: