Melea Stephens on Pornography in Alabama

On Wednesday (May 8th), ALCAP President Greg Davis welcomed Melea Stephens (LPC, MMFT) onto his Priority Talk Radio show. Stephens, a Licensed Counselor with Wellspring Christian Clinic and a Board Member for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, discussed the details of a Porn Filter Bill* in the Alabama Legislative Session and the pressing issue of the sexual exploitation of children in our culture.

One of the major obstacles to protecting children sexually is the tech industry. “Big tech and the pornography industry go arm-in-arm on these issues. They don’t want to be told what to do. It’s the only industry that is not regulated for safety in any way, shape, or form. Every other industry has basic safety regulations but big tech thinks they are above all that. Secondly, they don’t want to give up access to our kids, especially the pornography industry. They make money; they want to get kids hooked as early as possible… [Also] they don’t want to give up data collection. They just like to have unfettered access to our kids,” Stephens said.

Greg Davis and Melea Stephens then answered a couple of the main objections that manufacturers will use when defending the easy access to pornography that minors have when buying phones, such as “we don’t punish car manufacturers when people misuse cars; why would we punish phone manufacturers when people misuse phones?” The Porn Filter Bill is not punishing manufacturers; it would require the porn filter that already is inside of a phone’s software to be turned on when bought by a minor so that the consumer would consciously have to turn it off if he or she wanted to access pornography.

The conversation was wide-ranging and informative. To hear the whole conversation, click here.

*Editor’s note: The Porn Filter Bill discussed in the podcast episode did not become law this year. It died on the Senate floor on the last day due to Democrat filibustering and the final push for gambling.*