John Wahl and Sexual Content for Children in Public Libraries

Recently, ALCAP President Greg Davis welcomed Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party John Wahl onto Priority Talk Radio. After briefly discussing recent runoff elections happening in the state, they turned their attention to Alabama’s public libraries and inappropriate books targeting minors. They discussed the need to protect children from sexually explicit content.

“It’s hard for me to believe that we are in this position today,” Wahl said. “For me, this all goes back to this one thing––it doesn’t matter what political party you are a part of, something we all should be able to agree on––we should let children be children.”

Chairman John Wahl also gave listeners a peek behind the curtains at how the library system works, and the role that state funding and library boards play in the decisions that are made. He mentioned Gov. Kay Ivey’s proposals to help alleviate some of these issues, and how Alabamians should enter the fight to protect our children.

“I genuinely believe that there is a spiritual battle for the hearts and souls of our children. We see it in every area. The forces of darkness want our children and we have to stand up and say ‘no’ and defend them… We have to stand up and protect our children,” John Wahl said.

For more details, listen to the conversation here.