John Wahl: A Victory for Conservatives in Our Local Libraries

On Thursday (May 16th), Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party and member of the Alabama Public Library Serve Board John Wahl reported to ALCAP President Greg Davis on Priority Talk Radio about a victory for those who believe in protecting minors from inappropriate and obscene materials in Alabama Public Libraries. Earlier that day, there was a seminal meeting that was the culmination of months’ worth of debates across Alabama regarding this issue. John Wahl describes the result of the meeting:

“[Starting on] July 17th, all libraries in the state of Alabama will be required to remove sexually explicit material from the children’s section in order to receive state funding.”

In addition to the measure outlined above, libraries––moving forward––will not be able to purchase material that is deemed sexually or generally inappropriate but advertised for minors. This is a massive victory for conservatives in protecting children from exposure to obscene material.

Wahl also shared his thoughts on the just-finished 2024 Legislative Session. To listen to the whole conversation, click here.