Jason Rapert, the NACL, and the Need for Christians to Get Involved Politically

Former Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert joined ALCAP President Greg Davis on Priority Talk Radio to discuss Jason’s work as the Founder and President of The National Association of Christian Lawmakers (NACL). Jason Rapert began the conversation by telling listeners the story of how he entered the political arena and the beginning of the NACL. They mentioned the upcoming NACL conference in the summer, and the fact that it is open to all believers (not just politicians).

Then the two moved towards discussing the need for Christians to get involved politically. Jason Rapert, a former preacher, had much to say about the importance of Christians getting involved in these integral issues.

“What we need is a bunch of fire walkers in America, Greg,” Jason said. “When you realize that you can stand. Like Psalm 56:11 says, ‘I put my trust in God, what can any man do to me?’ It’s amazing what God can do with a person that says, ‘I’m yours, Lord. Use me.’ I want all of Alabama to know every single one of you under the sound of our voices today: The future of the country is dependent upon what you do in this election coming up as well as the near future.”

Jason Rapert talked about the need for godly Christian leaders, both inside and outside the political arena, to stand for truth on these topics. He addressed Christians in the Church specifically:

“I want better for America. I want better for the people of Alabama and my home state of Arkansas. That means that it’s time for our Christians serving in our churches to sacrifice locally. Run for school board. Run for city council. Run to be a county judge. Run for the state legislature,” Rapert said.

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