IVF Bills Pass in the House and Senate

*Two identical bills (HB237 and SB159) have been filed––one in the House, one in the Senate, respectively––that would grant immunity to IVF clinics in their handling of embryos, except for situations that arise of embryos being mishandled outside of IVF services. Both bills passed. While these bills allow IVF clinics to presumably resume their services, Pro-Life advocates argue that now is the time to create legislation that regulates this industry and protects embryos from being discarded or destroyed. These bills do not absolutely protect human embryonic life, and instead allow IVF clinics to continue with previous practices despite the ruling of the Alabama Supreme Court. Listen to Greg Davis discuss the issue here*

From a Mobile court case (LePage v. Mobile Infirmary Clinic, Inc.) that went to the Alabama Supreme Court, it has been ruled that an embryo created through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is a human person protected by Alabama’s wrongful death act and the Alabama Constitution. This affirms the biblical and scientific stance that life in the womb is human, no matter the stage of development. This is affirmation for the Pro-Life community, but it comes with certain practical complications. For example, what does this mean for the future of IVF in Alabama? What about the many embryos that have already been created and are currently in storage?

*Update* Gambling Bills Pass in House,

Now Move to Senate

*Greg Davis spoke before the Senate Tourism Committee on behalf of Alabama churches who understand the dangers associated with gambling. “What you legalize is what you normalize” was Davis’ message. “Be very careful what you legalize,” he said. There was no vote at this meeting. We anticipate another Tourism Committee meeting this week where a vote will likely be taken. Before the Senate can vote on these bills, they must pass committee.*

Sponsored by State Representatives Chris Blackshear (Phenix City) and Andy Witt (Harvest), two bills––HB151 and HB152––were recently put forward and passed in the House of Representatives. HB151 would amend the Alabama State Constitution to allow for gambling, and HB152 is the actual gambling legislation itself. These bills would allow for the creation of a paper lottery, up to 10 Class III casinos all across Alabama (including the 3 Poarch Band of Creek Indian casinos that already exist due to federal law), an Alabama Gaming Commission (AGC) with its own law enforcement arm (with arresting power), and more. ALCAP President Greg Davis discusses the bills in great detail here.

House Vote Recap: Bills HB151 and HB152 were introduced and passed in the Alabama House of Representatives (HB151 = 70 “Yes” votes to 32 “No” votes; HB152 = 67 “Yes” votes to 31 “No” votes with 1 abstaining) on Thursday, Feb. 15th. If these bills pass in the Senate, the issue of expanding gambling in Alabama would be on the ballot in November.

Please reach out to your State Senators this week and make your voice heard. To find out who your Senators are, visit ALCAP.com and click on “Find Your Legislator.”

The following is a list of State Reps. who had the moral conviction to vote “No” on both gambling bills. Please let them know you appreciate their vote:

• Russell Bedsole – [email protected] – 334-261-0491

• Jim Carns – [email protected] – 334-261-0429

• Brock Colvin – [email protected]

• Susan DuBose – [email protected] – 205-612-2433

• Tracy Estes – [email protected] – 334-261-0434

• David Faulkner – [email protected] – 205-250-6604

• Jennifer Fidler – [email protected] – 251-620-9384

• Danny Garrett – [email protected] – 205-410-4637

• Mark Gidley – [email protected] – 334-261-0432

• Matthew Hammett – [email protected] – 334-469-3649

• Ben Harrison – [email protected] – 256-614-9087

• Leigh Hulsey – [email protected] – 334-261-0474

• Reed Ingram – [email protected] – 256-548-3589

• Jamie Kiel – [email protected] – 334-261-0521

• Bill Lamb – [email protected] – 205-361-5262

• Arnold Mooney – [email protected] – 205-620-6610

• Kenneth Paschal – [email protected] – 205-626-9458

• Ben Robbins – [email protected] – 205-907-5091

• Mike Shaw – [email protected] – 205-541-6542

• Randall Shedd – [email protected] – 334-261-0530

• Ivan Smith – [email protected] – 334-261-0459

• Scott Stadthagen – [email protected] – 205-543-0647

• David Standridge – [email protected] – 334-261-0446

• Jerry Starnes – [email protected] – 334-549-0782

• Shane Stringer – [email protected] – 251-208-5480

• Troy Stubbs – [email protected] – 334-451-4589

• Allen Treadaway – [email protected] – 205-384-4357

• Randy Wood – [email protected] – 256-239-9190

• Matt Woods – [email protected] – 205-275-1084

• Ernie Yarbrough – [email protected] – 334-261-0454

For more general information on gambling, visit ALCAP.com and look under “gambling.” Please reach out to your State Senators and let them know that you do not support the legalization of gambling in Alabama.

Super Tuesday: Vote on March 5th!

Go to the polls on March 5th, where you can vote in your local Republican or Democrat Primary. You will also be able to vote on Amendment One.

Protecting Children by Holding Clergy Accountable

House Bill 125 passes the Alabama House of Representatives and is headed to the Senate. This bill, if it passes the Senate, would make it unlawful for clergy in a position of trust or authority over a person to commit certain sex acts with an individual under 19 years of age, or a protected person under 22 years of age. Currently, the age of consent is 16. This also brings the law for clergy equal to the law for public and private school teachers. We are thankful to Representative Leigh Hulsey for her work and Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter for his leadership on this issue.