IVF Bill Is Now Law

*Update: Two identical bills passed the House and Senate. Gov. Kay Ivey has signed the Senate version of the bill into law. IVF clinics now have civil and criminal immunity to proceed as before in their treatment of embryos.*

From a Mobile court case (LePage v. Mobile Infirmary Clinic, Inc.) that went to the Alabama Supreme Court, it has been ruled that an embryo created through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is a human person protected by Alabama’s wrongful death act and the Alabama Constitution. This affirms the biblical and scientific stance that life in the womb is human, no matter the stage of development. This is affirmation for the Pro-Life community, but it comes with certain practical complications. For example, what does this mean for the future of IVF in Alabama? What about the many embryos that have already been created and are currently in storage?

In response to the Alabama Supreme Court ruling, two identical bills (HB237 and SB159) have been filed––one in the House, one in the Senate, respectively––that would grant immunity to IVF clinics in their handling of embryos, except for situations that arise of embryos being mishandled outside of IVF services. Both bills passed and Gov. Ivey signed the Senate version of the bill. While this bill allows IVF clinics to presumably resume their services, Pro-Life advocates argue that now is the time to create legislation that regulates this industry and protects embryos from being discarded or destroyed. This bill does not absolutely protect human embryonic life, and instead allows IVF clinics to continue with previous practices despite the ruling of the Alabama Supreme Court.

*Update* Altered Gambling Bills Pass Senate,

Head Back to House

*Alabama Senate Republicans split their vote to expand the size of government, bringing Class III Vegas-Style Gambling and a Lottery to Alabama – while grandfathering in current illegal operators (plus a few others for good measure) in multiple locations around the state.

15 Republicans joined with all 7 voting Democrats for 22 “Yes” votes––21 needed––to pass the bill.

Thank you to the 12 Senators who voted NO or abstained on both bills.

The bills will now return to the House of Representatives for potential concurrence. To hear ALCAP President Greg Davis’ instant reaction to the vote (he was at the State House in Montgomery as it happened), listen here.

Please reach out to your State Representatives and ask them to vote “No” on this newer legislation that still expands gambling across Alabama. To find out who your legislators are, click here.

Pictured below are the Senators and their votes.*

*Update* Protecting Children

by Holding Clergy Accountable

*This bill passed through its Senate committee last week and now awaits a vote.*

House Bill 125 passes the Alabama House of Representatives and is headed to the Senate. This bill, if it passes the Senate, would make it unlawful for clergy in a position of trust or authority over a person to commit certain sex acts with an individual under 19 years of age, or a protected person under 22 years of age. Currently, the age of consent is 16. This also brings the law for clergy equal to the law for public and private school teachers. We are thankful to Representative Leigh Hulsey for her work and Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter for his leadership on this issue.