Legislative News Update

*The Alabama House of Representatives (Whitt, Blackshear, Jones) and Senate (Gudger, Albritton, Singleton) have selected their three members for the upcoming gambling Conference Committee. If a gambling bill is created by the committee, there could be a vote by both the House and the Senate this week.

Please contact (or re-contact) your two legislators and encourage them to vote NO to legitimizing the gambling industry. Legitimacy is given by legalizing Class III Vegas-style casinos, online sports betting, and a lottery in Alabama. Any combination of these activities would open the door to more corruption and addiction brought on by this state-sanctioned and promoted predatory activity.*

The Alabama House of Representatives recently voted to non-concur with the large changes the Senate made to the initial gambling bills that the House had passed. Now, three members of the House may eventually join with three members of the Senate for a conference committee on the issue. Depending on what happens in the conference, there may be a bill that comes out of it and both the House/Senate would then vote on it (must pass with 3/5 majority), or the issue of gambling may die in committee. Listen to ALCAP President and Priority Talk Radio Host Greg Davis discuss the issue here.

Almost every part of our society has chaplains. Why not schools? Listen to State Rep. Mark Gidley talk with ALCAP President and Priority Talk Radio Host Greg Davis about a bill he is sponsoring that would allow public schools to employ or accept volunteer chaplains (HB316). This bill passed the Senate and its House committee and awaits a vote on the House floor.

*Update* Defining “Male” and “Female”

in Alabama Law

*This bill passed the House and its Senate committee. It awaits a vote on the Senate floor*

Currently, Alabama law does not define “male” and “female.” House Bill 111, sponsored by State Rep. Susan DuBose, seeks to codify biological definitions of “male,” “female,” “boy,” “girl,” and other similar terms in our state law. Among other ramifications, this would allow for women-only spaces that could be enforced by law.

This picture was taken just after HB111 passed the House: ALCAP President Greg Davis, Rep. Susan Dubose, and Eagle Forum’s Becky Gerritson.

ALCAP and Our Local Churches

ALCAP President Greg Davis recently spoke at the Alabama Free Will Baptist State Convention (top) and at Good Hope Baptist Church in Cullman (bottom). We are thankful for the support of our local churches, and are blessed to serve alongside our churches to be salt and light in our communities.

ALCAP Prayer Breakfast

We were thrilled to have Pastor Dr. Ross Lankford (First Baptist Church of Troy) with us Thursday in Montgomery. He shared a great Word at the ALCAP Prayer Breakfast and then he and Greg Davis met with several elected officials.