Dr. Scott Catino on Mobile and the LGBTQ+ Issue

Greg Davis, President and CEO of ALCAP, welcomed Dr. Scott Catino onto Priority Talk Radio to discuss the Mayor of Mobile’s decision to no longer have LGBTQ+ liaisons. Dr. Catino also talks about the criticism he has received and why it is important to stand strong on this issue.

Speaking about the more extreme elements of the LGBTQ movement, Dr. Catino says, “We are dealing with radicals. The Human Rights Campaign has the objective of destroying the Constitution, destroying families, [and] grooming children. This is what we are concerned about.”

Dr. Scott Catino leads Faith Family Freedom Coalition Metro Mobile. On their Facebook page, they describe themselves in this way: “We are not a new group but a coalition of patriotic and concerned citizens dedicated to act locally in the Mobile, Alabama Bay area by promoting Judeo-Christian values, Constitutional liberties, and family and parental rights.”

Listen to the whole conversation here: