Parents of teen fatally hit by vehicle files wrongful death lawsuit against Pelham Hooters

By Briana Harris

PELHAM – The family of a teenager who was hit and killed by a vehicle in front of a Hooters restaurant in Pelham has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the restaurant chain because of alleged liquor law violations that led to the teen’s death.

Shortly after Ryan Rohr, 18, left Hooters with friends on May 25, a vehicle fatally hit him while crossing Cahaba Valley Road (Alabama 119), according to a lawsuit filed in Shelby County Circuit Court by Birmingham-based firm Cory Watson Attorneys on behalf of Rohr’s parents.

According to the lawsuit, the impact propelled Rohr’s body about 30 feet down the road.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified punitive damages from Hooters of Pelham LLC and Hooters of America LLC. A jury will determine the amount if Rohr’s family wins the lawsuit.

The suit claims that waiters at Hooters served Rohr alcohol without asking him to show an ID to ensure that he was of legal drinking age, which is 21.

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