Alabamian shares suicide survival story: ‘For those of you that see no hope, it gets better’

By Cliff Sims

With Monday marking the beginning of National Suicide Prevention Week, one Alabamian took to Facebook to share his suicide survival story in hopes that it will encourage others struggling with depression to get help and remember that “it gets better.”

Brandon Jeter is a 26-year-old Auburn graduate who is now eight years removed from his darkest day when he tried to take his own life.

“8 years ago I made the choice to end my life,” he wrote on his Facebook page Sunday evening. “I didn’t write a letter, because I felt no one would read it or even miss me. I was a lonely, depressed, sad, and angry high school kid. I took 30 lithium pills and cut my wrists. At that point, I was at my lowest, saddest, and most helpless, but I’m glad my mom found me before I died that June night. Because my life got better. I left my small town and made friends, real friends. I went to the college I dreamed of attending and found people who have become family to me…

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