Tuscaloosa voters overwhelmingly approve Sunday alcohol sales

By Chris Pollone

TUSCALOOSA, Ala– Voters in the West Alabama city of Tuscaloosa have overwhelmingly approved Sunday alcohol sales.

With nearly all the ballots counted, YES votes outnumbered NO votes by nearly a 4 to 1 margin.

Sunday alcohol sales have long been a source of contention in Tuscaloosa.

The city was the largest in Alabama not to allow alcohol to be sold on Sunday.

Proponents said allowing alcohol to be sold seven days a week will be an economic windfall for the city.

Chad Smith, owner of Alcove International Tavern, said if some University of Alabama fans choose to stay an extra day after home football games, it might entice larger restaurant and hotel chains to open in the city.

The first day of Sunday alcohol sales will be March 6.

Unless the city council votes otherwise, businesses which currently sell alcohol will be allowed to sell it when Sunday sales begin.

Cartoon in the Mobile Press-Register by JD Crowe 2/2/11

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