Thrasher bans all Greek life on campus (with video)

Tallahassee Democrat

by Byron Dobson

Florida State University President John Thrasher has indefinitely suspended all fraternities and sororities effective immediately.

The suspension follows the death of 20-year-old Andrew Coffey, a Pi Kappa Phi pledge, and the recent arrest of 20-year-old Garrett John Marcy, a Phi Delta Theta fraternity member who is accused of selling cocaine.

“For this suspension to end, there will need to be a new normal for Greek life at the university,” Thrasher said in his statement. “There must be a new culture, and our students must be full participants in creating it.”

All fraternity and sorority chapters are prohibited from holding new member events, chapter meetings, chapter organized tailgates, socials, philanthropy, retreats, intramurals and organized participation in Market Wednesday and Homecoming.


A ban on alcohol has also been issued at all Recognized Student Organization events during the interim suspension.

“All of our student organizations – Greek organizations and the other recognized student organizations on campus – must step up. They will have to participate in the solution,” Thrasher said.

FSU President John Thrasher has announced a ban on all Greek life at FSU. 

“I want to send a serious message, I really do,” said Thrasher. “We’ve got a serious problem.”

Thrasher has also banned alcohol at all student organization functions.

Note the statement, “Thrasher [FSU President] has also banned alcohol at all student organization functions.”  ALCAP commends the FSU administration for taking this important step and encourages Alabama colleges and universities to do the same. Alcohol continues to expand on campuses in spite of the detrimental effects of this mind-altering and addictive drug on the lives of students.

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