Nevada Leads Nation in Unemployment Rates

Christian Science Monitor

For the first time in four years, Michigan does NOT have the highest unemployment rate in the United States. That dubious distinction now belongs to Nevada.

Unemployment at 13.6 percent is nothing to brag about, but it’s better than the 14 percent in Nevada, the new No. 1 in unemployment among the states. And the trends don’t look so good in Nevada.

Its labor force has been shrinking, which usually helps suppress official unemployment counts. Nevertheless, unemployment shot up compared with 13.7 percent in April.

One reason for the difference is that manufacturing tends to recover early after a recession, while services (like Nevada’s big tourism and hospitality industries [a.k.a. “casino gambling enterprise”]) tend to recover later.

Nevada holds one other dubious title among the states: It has the nation’s highest foreclosure rate

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