September 20-27 has been designated as the “National Stop Predatory Gambling Week of Prayer” by the national organization, Stop Predatory Gambling (SPG). ALCAP’s Director Emeritus, Dr. Dan Ireland, helped to organize this movement in the 1990s and ALCAP’s Executive Director, Dr. Joe Godfrey, currently serves on the Board of Directors.

Given the fact that many Republican legislators are beginning to push the idea of expanding gambling in our state, we need for God’s people to fervently pray that God will help these legislators, opinion writers, business leaders and others to see that gambling is an evil force that can potentially hurt every citizen in our state. Gambling is both a moral issue and it is a failed public policy everywhere it has been tried – it does not work! Please go to and to read the facts.

ALCAP is calling on churches and concerned individuals to plan one or more prayer events during the week of September 20-27, 2015 for the purpose of praying for God’s help in fighting predatory gambling in our state and nation. Click here for a SUGGESTED PRAYER GUIDE for you to use. You can connect this special season of prayer to your regular Sunday morning, Sunday evening or Wednesday evening worship services, or you may encourage your small groups (Sunday School classes or discipleship classes) to hold a season of prayer. If you want to partner with other churches in your community and host a prayer rally or use social media to hold a “virtual reality” prayer event, feel free to do that.

We would ask that you please send a brief description of your event, pictures and, especially, a count of how many people participated to We would like to send this information to SPG for them to include in their national report.

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2 Thessalonians 3:13 (NKJV)

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