Fast food + Alcohol = ‘Fast Drunks’

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Chris Woodward, Reporter/Anchor

The White Castle hamburger chain is considering the idea of selling alcohol at more of its restaurants, but one group doesn’t think alcohol should be given any more outlets.

At this time, White Castle is only testing beer and wine sales at a location in Lafayette, Indiana. A spokesman for the chain tells Associated Press that the company has not decided whether to expand alcohol sales, but he notes that customers have reacted positively to the fact that alcoholic beverages are being offered.

Dr. Mark Creech of the Christian Action League and the American Council on Alcohol Problems says it is all about marketing more outlets.

“Marketing 101 is [the] more outlets [you have, the more] you sell of your product. That’s why McDonald’s has an outlet seemingly on every corner,” he explains. “And the same is true for alcohol. If you have more outlets, you’re going to sell more alcohol. More will be consumed over time.”

In 2011, Burger King opened “Whopper Bars” in Miami, Las Vegas, and Kansas City. In the summer, Sonic drive-ins began offering beer and wine at new locations in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, although the chain said it had no plans of expanding sales outside of South Florida and assured that certain restrictions applied.

“The American Council on Alcohol Problems did issue a resolution with respect to Sonic and Burger King. It was broad and it also addressed any of this kind of initiative at any fast-food restaurants,” Creech notes.

He contends that fast food and alcohol do not mix because “fast food and alcohol makes for fast drunks.”

This story was originally posted on the American Family News Network’s (AFN) One News Now. It was also posted on the web site of the Christian Action Leagueby permission.

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