“You Pay Even If You Don’t Play.” Debunking Gambling Proponents Top Arguments with National Policy Expert Les Bernal

Nate Grasz 

Capitol Connection Episode 68 

You’ve likely heard about all the money Nebraska is “losing” every year to casinos across the Missouri River in Iowa. Now, proponents of expanding gambling in Nebraska are saying the losses will worsen and the state will lose even more money if Nebraska lawmakers don’t legalize sports betting. 

If people are already gambling, shouldn’t we capitalize on increased tax-revenue and legalize casinos in Nebraska? Couldn’t the state use this revenue to pay for education, gambling addiction funds, and lower property taxes? Should Nebraska legalize sports betting? Wouldn’t legalizing more forms of gambling eliminate illegal gambling? 

While these questions and arguments are recycled every year, it’s important to know the facts and realities of state-sponsored gambling. Hear the answers to these questions and why every citizen – especially Nebraskans –  should care about what their state decides to do with gambling on this week’s Capitol Connection Podcast featuring renowned policy expert Les Bernal, national director for Stop Predatory Gambling. 

Les Bernal’s interview begins at the 4:30 minute mark.  Les Bernal has spoken and written extensively about government-sanctioned gambling, appearing on national television and radio shows including 60 Minutes, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and National Public Radio. He has testified before Congress and has been cited by more than 600 newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Economist, USA Today, and Sports Illustrated. Les has also spoken before more than 1000 business organizations, college audiences and faith groups across the nation.