Unusual Bipartisan Support for Pro-Life and Pro-Women Bills

It was a highly unusual day at the Alabama State House on Wednesday, April 19th. A Democrat, Rep. Juandalynn Givan (Birmingham), sponsored a bill (HB 55, the “Genesis Act”) that would establish a Certificate of Birth form to issue to parents for certain nonviable births under 20 weeks. Some see this as essentially Pro-Life legislation, which is unexpected given the Democratic Party’s general stance on abortion. The current law is that a parent can only obtain a Certificate of Birth if the baby passes away at 20 weeks or after. This bill amounts to recognizing that life in the womb is fully human and worthy of a Certificate of Birth.

The bill was inspired by the story of Keondra Hampton, who lost her baby named Genesis at 19 weeks and was unable to obtain a Certificate of Birth. She reached out to State Rep. Juandalynn Givan, who took the time to listen to one of her constituents. Together, they made this possible. The bill passed the House overwhelmingly.

They both, at separate times, talked with ALCAP President Greg Davis on Priority Talk Radio about the bill and Hampton’s story.

Another unusual occurrence happened on the very same day. Rep. Susan DuBose’s bill (HB 261), which would ban biological males from competing against women at the college level, passed in the House of Representatives with the support of several Democrats. Rep. Patrick Sellers (Birmingham) and others stood up and talked about why such a bill is needed and how it will protect women in sports. Again, it is surprising to see Democratic support for what has traditionally been Republican issues.

Both bills now move to the Senate. To learn more about what transpired on this day, listen here: