To Be Pro-Life Is to Be Pro-Father

One of the common responses to the Pro-Life Movement is that we only care about the unborn, while we neglect other aspects of the family unit or society as a whole. While not entirely (or even mostly) correct, it is true that we could always do a better job of being Pro-Family. In this article, we will focus specifically on what it means to be Pro-Father.

To state the obvious: We are facing a crisis of masculinity in our culture. Boys do not know how to become a man because their fathers are absent. As a consequence, they are faced with extreme options. Boys can either cower at the “toxic masculinity” charges that are frequently leveled at them by leftists and become feminine, or model themselves after chauvinistic, arrogant, selfish influencers like Andrew Tate. Is there a middle ground?

The middle ground, of course, is biblical masculinity. It first starts with knowing who you are, and why you were put on this earth. Humans are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27), and we were put on the earth to take care of it (Genesis 2:15). We were also put on earth to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1:28). In addition to this, men are biologically stronger––on average––than women. This naturally leads men to be protectors of women and children, particularly against evil men. When we combine our identity (image-bearers), purpose (take care of nature and have children), and natural role (protect the family and society), we find biblical masculinity.

Once we have our firm, never-changing foundation on the Bible, we can proceed to help the men and fathers in our culture. We need to offer encouragement and support in the public square as men are battered and bruised. We need to offer community, particularly through a local church. We need to offer programs and resources for improving one’s situation, from academic scholarships to conflict resolution training. Above all, however, men need one thing the most:*

Men need discipleship. As a man, if you want to be Pro-Father, you need to be willing to be mentored and to mentor others. Look around you. Are there young men present? They need someone to take them under their wings. Boys need present and active fathers, but sometimes they do not have them in the home. If not, they’ll need life mentors who will walk them through the hills and the valleys. Is that you?

If you’re a young man, find a healthy community with disciplined, strong, kind men. Hopefully there is a local church that fits this description. Ask someone to disciple you and help you grow to be more like Christ (Philippians 3:21). Be willing to learn, and work hard. Then, when you’re older, return the favor and mentor someone else.

This is how you can be Pro-Father in the Pro-Life Movement.

*After a relationship with Jesus Christ, of course.