The World View in 5 Minutes

By Adam McManus
Joe Godfrey, Executive Director of Alabama Citizens Action Program, spoke to The World View about the suspension of Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore who dared to affirm traditional marriage in the face of the Obergefell Supreme Court decision last June.

“I am not surprised by the suspension of Judge Moore, but I’m very disappointed because I feel that it was an attack on religious liberty in America. I admire Judge Moore for his stance — that marriage is between one man and one woman – because, in this case particularly, he was standing on constitutional law.”

Godfrey is hopeful that Chief Justice Moore will be exonerated and restored to his former position by his former colleagues.

“It is my hope that the Alabama ​State ​Supreme Court will overturn the decision of the Court of the Judiciary. But my sense of the likelihood of that happening is based on the fact that in the past the court has demonstrated that it is a very conservative court, and very careful to adhere to the state constitution and the Constitution of the United States. I believe that it’s very possible they could overturn the Court of Judiciary’s decision.”

If the Alabama Supreme Court fails to restore Judge Moore, he will remain suspended without pay through January, 2019, the remainder of his term.

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