The Super Bowl and the State of Modern Sports Gambling

Harry Levant recently joined ALCAP President and CEO Greg Davis to talk about new developments in sports gambling (such as micro-betting), which is timely because the NFL’s Super Bowl happens this Sunday. Between his personal story, role as Stop Predatory Gambling’s Director of Education, and work as a licensed clinician, Harry is painfully aware of how destructive gambling can be. Gambling has destroyed countless lives.

“Gambling addiction is not about money.… Gambling is about action. It is about the way the product makes the person feel,” he said.

Behind the push for this vice is the partnership between the government, sports leagues, and gambling companies to make as much money as possible. Greg Davis and Harry Levant discuss the woefully unregulated nature of this relationship, along with the fact that younger and younger audiences are being targeted.

“We are really concerned about people under the age of 30 and teenagers,” Harry said.

You can listen to the conversation here: