Steps To Take In Safeguarding Our Schools

A safe school environment is vital to a good education and healthy growth for children of all ages. Federal data shows that 24 percent of kids in public schools were involved in physical fights or attacks between 2019 and 2020. 

Parents and educators must work together to protect children’s safety and best interest.

Here are some necessary steps people can take to safeguard our schools to secure a bright future for everyone.

Promoting Drug-Free Zones

Drug-free schools are almost always safer than those with drug use or drug possession present. Promoting schools that are drug-free zones provides kids with a much safer and healthier learning environment.

Aside from drug use, all schools should promote general safety and protection. This includes creating an environment where kids feel protected from harm or violence. Security doesn’t just begin at schools; it also starts with the surrounding communities.

Safeguarding Schools: Get Parents and Citizens Involved

Everyone must be involved at every level to ensure a safe school environment. This includes the children’s teachers and school staff and should involve parents and local citizens, too.

Safety planners should take steps to bring parents and others into the fold by allowing them to plan specific strategies alongside school officials. The ability to provide input and voice opinions can make a significant difference in safeguarding our schools. Allowing parents and others to help carry out, evaluate, and plan various programs can make all the difference.

Form a Team

Whether private or public education, all schools need a solid team to keep them safe. This means working with others, including law enforcers, business leaders, and social service providers.

Any organization that provides help to the youth should be welcome and encouraged to join the team. When people from various backgrounds and with different experiences work together, the results are positive. Developing a solid and dedicated team of adults is an excellent way to provide a safe school environment.

Address and Assess Concerns

One way to encourage safeguarding our schools is to perform regular safety assessments. These school evaluations can help leaders pinpoint specific problems and areas of concern. Provide reports of your findings, so you’re transparent about what you see.

As concerns are found, it’s essential to address them openly and honestly. Working together, leaders and parents can develop new policies that will correct these concerns and improve safety in the future. Create a schedule to perform assessments and stick to it so that issues are handled expediently.

Protect Our Kids and Our Schools

Use these tips as a foundation for safeguarding our schools. With the right team and policies, teachers, parents, and community leaders can develop a safe school environment that fosters learning and healthy well-being.

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