Pro-Life Legislation: Pregnancy Resource Act

Currently, ALCAP’s top legislative priority is the Pregnancy Resource Act, which is sponsored in the House of Representatives by Rep. Jamie Kiel (Russellville). This bill would provide a state income tax credit to individuals and businesses that make contributions to eligible charitable organizations that operate as a pregnancy center or residential maternity facility. In short, this Act would spur financial support for the dozens of Pregnancy Resource Centers all across Alabama. Now that abortion is illegal in Alabama, these often underfunded and understaffed centers are tasked with providing both free and low-cost medical, educational, and support services to more women and men than ever before facing an unplanned pregnancy or sexual health concern. These services often include free pregnancy and STD testing and ultrasounds. These centers help to educate women who think that their only option is an abortion. This Act would provide tax credits of up to 10 million dollars for the next five years. Please encourage your legislator to support the Pregnancy Resource Act. This is pro-life legislation.

We must always remember that there is more to being pro-life than just being against abortion.