Is Sexual Perversion Being Taught in Alabama Schools?

On Tuesday, October 4, Pat Ellis joined ALCAP President and CEO Greg Davis on Priority Talk to discuss the pornographic material being shown and taught in our Alabama classrooms all across the state. They talked about how our leaders in places of power (federal, state, school administrators, and more) are trying to quietly indoctrinate our kids into perverse sexual behavior, without parents knowing about it or consenting to it.

“If you don’t think this is happening or could happen in your schools, you’re in denial,” Greg said.

Pat Ellis, a Jasper resident, served on Congressman Robert Aderholt’s staff from 1997-2012. She has been a board member with Eagle Forum of Alabama since 2000. She recently wrote an explosive article on titled “Pornography in Alabama Schools and Youth Organizations? You Be the Judge.”

You can listen to the conversation here, and on all major podcast carriers.