How Pro-Life Is Alabama?

The recent overturn of Roe v. Wade has brought about a whole new argument about life in Alabama. It brings about a new question for Alabamians. How pro-life are we? For years it has been easy for any Republican, including lawmakers with an “R” beside their name, to check the “pro-life” box. That was an easy way to distinguish oneself from an opponent of the other party, knowing full-well abortion access was the deciding issue for many Alabama voters. In 2019, our Republican super majority in the Senate and House passed the Alabama Human Life Protection Act (AHLPA), and Governor Ivey signed it into law. This became as strong an abortion law as there is in the nation.

Unfortunately, the AHLPA never went into effect due to a judicial challenge. The law also never challenged the 50-year-old Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade, because it was held by a federal judge. In the meantime, Mississippi challenged Roe v. Wade with the now well-known Dobbs case. With the Supreme Court Ruling on Dobbs, the AHLPA became Alabama’s standing law concerning abortion. Thank God!

Before the overturn of Roe v. Wade, anything this side of full-term abortion was considered pro-life. However, now that the 2019 AHLPA has become the enforceable law in Alabama, some legislators feel like it should be updated. In fact, some of the very people who sponsored, carried, promoted, and voted for the Human Life Protection Act are among those who now want the law made less restrictive, allowing more access to abortion. I am not sure if these legislators only did their part to see AHLPA become our state’s law thinking it could challenge Roe v. Wade. Perhaps, some only supported symbolically, thinking that due to the longstanding history of Roe v. Wade, this AHLPA would never actually be enforced in our state. Either way, a vote for AHLPA counted a legislator among those who are pro-life.

We now have an entirely new argument concerning life in Alabama. Now, we find out who’s truly pro-life who’s mostly pro-life. Every State Senator or State Representative could use a reminder from the Christian Community of Alabama churches of just how thankful we are for our state’s law concerning abortion. We should also let our legislators know our desire that the AHLPA be defended and not be made less restrictive to accommodate some more palatable idea of when life begins after conception.

Rest assured that ALCAP will continue to be on the frontlines of this battle for life and many other issues related to religious liberty, gender, and the legalization of predatory and harmful addictive behaviors. We need your prayers, financial support, and participation more now than ever!

Greg Davis