Gambling Legislation in Alabama

Certain types of gambling are forbidden in Alabama such as lotteries and casinos. But when it comes to slot machines, there are 10, 351. This shows that it’s open to some forms of gambling, but not others.

Are you someone who loves to gamble and lives in the state? Here, we’ll let you in what the Alabama legislation states. That way, you can know what you can and can’t bet on.

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What’s The Bad News of Gambling in Alabama?

There’s some bad news if you like gambling in Alabama. This is to do with the act of what’s known as simple gambling. This means that one is not under the control of the outcome of when they bet. 

Alabama laws make it a criminal act to follow simple gambling acts. It’s seen as a Class C crime and one may end up in jail for up to three months or receive a $500 fine as a result.

This is under section 13A 12-20 subdivision 4 of the state’s legislation.

Can You Promote Gambling in Alabama?

Promoting gambling in Alabama is prohibited. If one’s caught, they’ll receive prosecution and can face a larger punishment than that of simple gambling acts.

In the Alabama code, Section 13A-12-22 of the Alabama state that this is a Class A crime. If found guilty, one could receive jail time for up to a year and receive a fine of $6.000.

They’re strongly recommended since they could severely impact one’s life in comparison to other state laws.

What’s the Difference Between Simple Gambling Legislation and Promotion?

Depending on where you are in Alabama will determine how harsh of a penalty you receive for simple gambling. In some locations, it’s seen as “petty crime” whereas in others more severe action is taken.

The law does state however that every person who places a single bet using simple acts of gambling is liable to punishment.

Profiting off promotion gambling doesn’t mean in the way of cash. It means that they’re found guilty without even taking part in the act of gambling itself. Ways this can happen if they host a game, such as poker, and take a “rake” or part of the pot or admission fee.

What Are the Sports Betting Laws in Alabama?

For sports betting, there are no venues where it’s allowed across all of Alabama. If one offers it at all via a sportsbook in a facility, they’re looking at prosecution. However, online sports betting is allowed.

With online sports gambling, one can be sure that they’re not breaking any laws and can’t be criminalized for the act.

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The legislation and punishment regarding gambling in Alabama depend on the case as well as the type of gambling one’s involved in. We’ve advised you about some of the main laws here.

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