Coach Joe Kennedy, Religious Liberty, and the Supreme Court

Coach Joe Kennedy recently called into ALCAP President Greg Davis’ radio show Priority Talk to share his incredible story and discuss religious freedom in America. The conversation started with some of his struggles growing up, along with covering his time in the military. He came to know and follow Jesus Christ as he sought to save his marriage, and God turned his life around. Eventually, Kennedy became a head coach of a high school football team, and he would pray after games on the field. His example led many others, even opposing teams, to come pray with him after games.

Eventually, after several years of praying with no issues, this habit came under fire by his school district and lawyers. He was told to stop, and so he stopped praying with anyone else. He would simply pray by himself on the football field. However, even this was not good enough and he was told that he would be suspended until he complied with the school district’s policy of not praying in public.

“I had to make a decision between my job and my faith. You know who’s going to win that one every single time… It would’ve been so much easier if I just would’ve backed off and said ‘you guys are right’ and went and prayed somewhere where no one could see me. It was the principle of it––as a United States Marine, fighting for our Constitution for so long–it did not sit right with me,” Coach Kennedy said.

He chose his faith. It upset him deeply as an American for his rights to be attacked in this way, and he decided to fight in court.

Greg Davis and Coach Joe Kennedy detailed how his case made its way to the Supreme Court, where he won. They discuss how his victory had massive ramifications for religious liberty in America. They also mention Kennedy’s upcoming movie, which will be released in October.

To hear their entire conversation, click here.