Bishop James Lowe and Chaplains in School

ALCAP President Greg Davis recently conversed with Bishop James Lowe, Senior Pastor of The Guiding Light Church, on his radio show Priority Talk. Bishop Lowe shared his powerful testimony of God working in his life despite extreme hardships, and then they discussed an important bill that is close to becoming law as we near the end of the 2024 Legislative Session. Most likely, this week is the Session’s final week.

This bill, SB294, would “authorize a public school or public charter school to employ or accept as a volunteer a campus chaplain to provide services.” Chaplains serve in most areas of public life, from hospitals to sports teams to law enforcement. Why not public schools? Teachers and students need support and hope.

Currently, the bill passed the Senate and its House committee. It awaits a vote on the House floor to become law (assuming Gov. Ivey’s signature).

To listen to the conversation, click here.